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1. Ram Hunting Texas
(Texas Ram Hunting/Ram Hunting Texas)
Rams are a beautiful trophy that is prized by many hunters. Hoffman Hunting Ranch offers multiple species of Rams including Corsican, Texas Dall, Black Hawaiian, Painted Desert and Iranian Red Sheep. ...
2. Texas Deer Hunting at Hoffman Ranch
(Texas Deer Hunting/Deer Hunting Texas )
... fat-free). Axis Deer have three tines on each lyre-shaped antler that grow up to a trophy size of 30” to 36”.  Their most distinguishing feature of the Axis Deer is their dark spotted stripe that ...
3. Fallow Deer Hunting at Hoffman Ranch
(Fallow Deer Hunting Texas/Texas Fallow Deer Hunting)
... out and females move between them, the rest of the year they group together up to 150 per herd. The Fallow Deer is a wonderful animal to hunt and makes a beautiful edition to a trophy room. Contact Hoffman ...
4. Iranian Red Sheep and Ram Hunting at Hoffman Ranch
(Iranian Red Sheep Hunting Texas/Texas Iranian Red Sheep Hunting)
Iranian Red Sheep and Rams • May live up to 18 years old • Have horns that flare backwards and are 25 – 30 inches in length A beautiful trophy that is prized by many hunters. Hoffman Hunting ...
5. Texas Scimitar Horned Oryx Hunting at Hoffman Ranch
(Scimitar Horned Oryx Hunting Texas/Texas Scimitar Horned Oryx Hunting)
Scimitar Horned Oryx • A desert antelope, native to Africa • One of 4 species of oryx formerly inhabiting the whole of North Africa. Today they are classified as Extinct in the Wild (EW) • Approximately ...
6. Exotic Game Hunting at Hoffman Ranch
(Exotic Game Hunting Texas/Texas Exotic Game Hunting)
Texas Blackbuck Hunting Hoffman Hunting Ranch offers Trophy Blackbuck that you'll want to mount on at your home or office. We have hunts for Trophy Blackbuck Antelope with up to 4 and 5 ...
7. Blackbuck Hunting
(Texas Blackbuck Hunting/Blackbuck Hunting Texas)
... are ringed with 1 – 4 spiral turns, rarely more than 4, and can be 31 inches in length. • Hunting Trophy Blackbucks horns are greater than 18 inches • Male: upper body is black with white belly ...
8. Axis Hunting at Hoffman Ranch
(Axis Deer Hunting Texas/Texas Axis Deer Hunting)
Axis Deer Hunting (a.k.a. Chital) • Striking reddish-brown coats marked by white spots arranged in undisciplined rows along their sides. They have a black dorsal stripe and a white bib on ...
9. Outdoor Cooking
(About the Ranch/Texas Deer Hunting)
Each of our guests are treated to gourmet oudoor cooking on their hunting trips. Your trophy could end up on the menu if you would like to share with your guests. A big homestyle country breakfast will ...
10. New to deer hunting? Learn how at Hoffman Ranch
(About the Ranch/Texas Hunting)
... trip and everyone of them has had a great time. We offer a good variety of deer and exotic species so everyone on your trip can enjoy an animal in their price range and trophy value.  We offer field ...
11. Price List
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Deer and Exotic Animal Hunting  Trophy Fees Whitetail Deer Hunts       Buck - Management - up to 120" Please call for pricing   Trophy - up to ...
12. About Hoffman Deer Hunting Ranch
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... the type of weapon the hunters are using and species being hunted.  The experienced crew at the ranch will work hard to help you get your trophy. We also have access to a lot of private land ...