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8165 Texas State Highway 41 Rocksprings, TX 78880
  • whitetailedbuckHoffman Ranch offers its guests some of the best Whitetail Deer hunting in Texas. For the finest big game hunting in Texas, we provide access to private land, comfortable accommodations for your hunting party, home cooked meals, and onsite processing.


    Whether your an experienced hunter or hunting for your first time, Hoffman Ranch will make sure you and your guests are taken care of on your Whitetail Deer hunting trip.
    Read More About Whitetail Deer...

  • axis buck hunting texasThe axis deer is considered one of the most attractive of all wild deer. Their beautiful coloration is usually a reddish brown with white under their throat, stomach and tail area. A lot of axis deer also have a dark stripe that runs from their head to their tail and white spots that dot their sides and upper body. Their most impressive asset is their long barrel shaped antlers which make a beautiful mount. These tall and narrow antlers create the mount that most trophy deer hunters can’t resist.


    Axis deer is also one of the best tasting wild game meats. Adult males usually weigh over 200 pounds, so be sure to bring a big cooler if your hunting Axis deer at Hoffman Ranch. The Axis venison is mild and naturally tender red meat that contains less than 1% fat on average. Read More About Axis Deer Hunting...

  • blackbuck hunting texasThe Blackbuck is one of the fastest of all terrestrial animals reaching speeds of up to 80 km/hr and one of the few antelopes where males and females have distinctive coloration, as male bucks are black and white with long, twisted horns, white females are fawn colored with no horns. We breed and maintain our own herd of premium genetic Blackbuck for our guests to enjoy.

    A Trophy Blackbuck is one of the best looking mounts around. The Blackbuck is a beautiful animal with 1-4 spiral twisted turns in their horns. Read More about Texas Blackbuck hunting...

  • scimitar horned oryx hunting texasThe Scimitar Horned Oryx is a desert antelope, native to Africa that we offer for hunting as an exotic species at Hoffman Ranch.  The animal is named for its long, curving horns, the scimitar-horned oryx normally stands about 4 feet tall. The scimitar-horned oryx once found throughout northern Africa, was restricted to the southern rim of the Sahara by the early 1980s.  For all probabilities, captive herds in Texas have saved this animal from extinction.

    This animal also makes a beautiful additional to any trophy room. Read More about Scimitar Horned Oryx Hunting... 

  • iranian red sheep hunting texasThe Iranian Red Sheep is a medium-wool fat tail breed which is also kept for meat and milk production. The breed was imported from Iran during the tenure of the Shaw. Hoffman Ranch will help you get a Trophy Red Sheep that you'll want to hang on your wall and enjoy for years to come. We have a great selection of Iranian Red Sheep for your hunting enjoyment. Fortunately, there are not seasonal restrictions on hunting the Iranian Red Sheep in Texas, which makes it a suitable trophy year round. Read More about Iranian Red Sheep Hunting in Texas...

  • fallow buck hunting texasThe Fallow Deer is another species of deer we offer to hunt at Hoffman Ranch. All fallow deer have white spots on backs and black tips at end of tails. It is common for their coat to be brown with white mottles that are most pronounced in the summer with much darker coats in winter. Only the bucks have antlers, they are broad and shovel shaped which makes for a great trophy mount. They are grazing animals which prefer a habitat of mixed woodlands and open grasslands. in nature, during rut the bucks spread out and females move between them, the rest of the year they group together up to 150 per herd.  Read More About Fallow Deer Hunting in Texas...

New to deer hunting? Learn how at Hoffman Ranch
Thursday October 08, 2009

learn to hunt whitetail Deer Hunting in Texas is great fun for everyone from young adults to seniors.

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Our Accomodations will Make Your Hunting Trip Comfortable
Thursday October 08, 2009

texas hunting ranch Hoffman Hunting Ranch has everything you need to feel at home.  Hunting is great

Outdoor Cooking
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We have a pool table, a shuffleboard
Enjoy the Hill Country on a Corporate Deer Hunting Trip
Thursday October 08, 2009

corporate hunting tripsDeer hunting in Texas is not only one of the greatest outdoor sports to enjoy with your f

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So many of our hunters have been a f
Welcome to Hunt Hoffman Ranch

Come enjoy Whitetail Deer and Exotic hunting Texas Hill Country Style. Hoffman Ranch is located only a few hours from Austin or San Antonio. We have some of the largest Whitetail and Axis Deer in Texas at Hoffman Ranch. We also feature Blackbuck, Scimitar Horned Oryx, Iranian Red Sheep, Fallow, and other exotic species.

Whether its your first time to hunt deer or a veteran hunter, we gaurantee that you will enjoy our Hill Country hospitality. Everything from lodging, food, and hunting guides are provided so you and your family or guests will be able to relax and enjoy some outdoor open fire home cooking and everything else you could want for a relaxing outdoor weekend.